Board Positions

Bancroft PTA Board and Committee Positions

Elected PTA Board Positions

Coordinates the work of board officers and committees. Signs PTA checks and acts as the liaison with the principal.

Vice President of Hospitality
Plans and implements school luncheons for staff, as well as staff appreciation days.

Vice President of Publicity
Works with the local paper and networks to publicize upcoming events.

Works with the PTA board to create an annual budget for the year. Keeps a record of expenses, receives all monies for the PTA. Co-signs checks with President and remits dues and insurance matters according the State PTA and works with accountants to submit PTA Federal and State taxes. Prepares a monthly report for the PTA board.

Recording Secretary
Takes minutes of all PTA meetings. Provides a copy of the minutes to the PTA President for a review. Provides minutes to the Newsletter coordinator for the writing of the newsletter.

Corresponding Secretary
Conducts all correspondence, reads all letters and communication.

Keeps records and materials of the association and creates a scrapbook highlighting the years activities. Collects information about number of volunteer hours worked by PTA board and membership.

Attends all meetings of the association and gives advice in procedure where needed. Calls the first meeting of the nominating committee, conducts elections of the chairman and gives instructions in procedure. Chairs the bylaws committee and reviews the bylaws and standing rules.

Non-Elected  PTA Positions

Works with treasurer on semi-annual audits of the PTA books.

Membership Coordinator
Responsible for the fall membership drive. Develops e-mail list of PTA members.

Volunteer Coordinator
Coordinates Back to School volunteer sign-ups. Communicates with PTA coordinators, chairs and liaisons for school functions as needed throughout the year. Keeps the master list of volunteers.

Fundraising Coordinator
Plans and coordinates fundraisers during the school year.

E-Scrip Coordinator
Responsible for coordinating and promoting the E-scrip fundraising program.

T-Shirt Coordinator
Responsible for coordinating the selling of school T-shirts at various events.

Parent Group Liaison
Helps all parent groups at Bancroft stay connected to work together.

Writes the monthly newsletter.

Dance Coordinator
Works with the school to get volunteers for dances throughout the year.

Works with the principal and district office to set up beautification day(s).

7th Grade C.O.T.W.
Coordinate the Civilizations of the World evening event. Works with the History Dept.

8th Grade Graduation Party
Coordinates the 8th grade graduation party/dance at the end of the year.

8th Grade Award’s Night
Works with the assistant principal to help with the awards night. Usually providing help with dessert/food service.

Elementary School Liaison
Works with the principal to coordinate school visits for incoming families.

Translates PTA messages and information for the website and yahoo group.